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Entrepreneur Leinedecker’s goal: shorter election lines

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It’s election day in thousands of cities, counties, school districts and other jurisdictions around the United States.  But for St. Louis entrepreneur Scott Leiendecker, today may as well be called Countdown Day. November 3 marks the symbolic one-year run up to next year’s Presidential election, when bigger-than-normal voter turnout will undoubtedly mean longer-than-usual lines at your neighborhood polling station.  Reducing those lines is the aim of Leiendecker’s company, KNOWiNK. He’ll spend the next year working to get his product, called the Poll Pad, into the hands of as...

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Event to “connect the docs” with St. Louis startups

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While early-stage startup companies talk a lot about investment, the one thing every young company needs is a customer. Next month, more than 20 early-stage St. Louis medical and bio-tech companies will get the chance to court some potential customers from the St. Louis healthcare industry, when both groups meet at the Cortex center in midtown St. Louis. On the evening of November 3, “we’re inviting more than 200 physicians from the region to discover the newest companies impacting the next generation of healthcare,” says Carter Williams, CEO and Managing Partner at iSelect, a venture...

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Entrepreneur builds “Uber of Babysitting” for St. Louis

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Those who haven’t grown up in St. Louis but hang their hats here professionally know it’s not easy being a St. Louisan. From learning some of our strange culinary habits (provel cheese?) to mastering the intricacies of our dialect (fark? warsh?), to setting aside an allegiance to your own hometown baseball team to immerse yourself in an ocean of Cardinal red each October, becoming a true St. Louisan can be a challenge. Here’s a challenge a native of St. Louis may not have considered. What is it like for a single, or couple, neither of whom has roots in St. Louis, to find a good local...

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St. Louis startup building new epilepsy drug

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Epilepsy, also known as seizure disorder, is one of the world’s most common and most serious neurological conditions, afflicting about 50 million people around the globe. It’s estimated that about 70 percent of the world’s epilepsy patients can control their seizures by using the two dozen or so anticonvulsant drugs that are on the market.  As long as they take their daily pills, they’re essentially seizure-free. But some 30 percent of epilepsy patients are considered “refractory” to currently marketed medications.  That is, those patients are unable to achieve adequate seizure control using...

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