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Startup builds language link between elders and young immigrants

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Two life-shaping events formed the foundation of St. Louis entrepreneur Rey Castuciano’s startup, Table Wisdom. The first event happened in 1989, when Castuciano, along with his mother, father and sister, immigrated to the United States from the Philippines. Among the frustrations experienced by the then-15-year-old boy were those that dealt with learning a new language. “My issues were accent and vocabulary. It was difficult to maintain a conversation flow. When I tried to converse with native-English speakers in high school, I’d often stumble and was made fun of,” says Castuciano, who says...

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Less stress the goal of St. Louis startup.

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Feeling stressed out? A group of St. Louis entrepreneurs wants to help you. From their office in the Cortex district of mid-town St. Louis, a team of developers from Data Dog Health, Inc., is creating an app to monitor your stress level via a wristband, much like the popular Fitbit technology that measures your heart rate from the pulse on your wrist. The inspiration for the product, called Mindset, says Data Dog co-founder and CEO Elizabeth Russell, came in 2013. Click here to hear Elizabeth Russell’s interview on KMOX Radio from Tuesday 8/25 “I met my co-founder, Ravi Chacko, at a...

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Invisibility, evolved: St. Louis startup alters its name, and maybe, its game

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Move over Invisible Girlfriend. Make way for Invisible Industries. Invisible Girlfriend, the St. Louis startup that generated worldwide attention in both social and traditional media circles after its formation at a St. Louis startup competition in November, 2013, is evolving, say its co-founders. And that means a new name. Click to hear Invisible Industries’ Kyle Tabor’s appearance on KMOX Radio, St. Louis from August 18, 2015. The service was conceived by St. Louis entrepreneur Matt Homann, based on his own personal experience from several years ago. Newly divorced and weary of...

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Sparo Labs: “great to represent St. Louis on national stage.”

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There aren’t many better ways to generate positive buzz for your budding startup company than to present the nuts and bolts of the operation at one of the most iconic and prestigious locations in America.  Just back from Washington, D.C., and their presentation at the first White House Demo Day, Sparo Labs co-founders Andrew Brimer and Abby Cohen took time to answer a few of our questions about the experience, which saw 30 entrepreneurs explain their businesses to an audience that included White House administrators, science advisors, and government and non-profit leaders. Brimer and Cohen...

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