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Ads Made Mobile and Relevant Via Lumate

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Click here to hear Lumate Co-Founder Quentin Ortega’s interview with KMOX Radio’s Charlie Brennan on the 9/24/13 edition of KMOX Innovation Tuesdays. Scroll to “Quentin Ortega” audio.   They didn’t know it, but fans who attended the seventeen Cardinal baseball games played at St. Louis’ Busch Stadium this past  August were taking part in a test – the results of which were being watched very closely by St. Louis startup company Lumate. Lumate deals in location-based, context-driven mobile advertising. What’s that you ask?  The Busch Stadium example helps with the...

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St. Louis Startup MediBeacon Offers Potential Game Changing Medical Technology

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Hear MediBeacon c0-founder Steve Hanley’s interview with KMOX Radio host Charlie Brennan from Tuesday, September 17, 2013 here! After clicking, Scroll to appropriate link When a cardiologist provides care to his patient, he has at his disposal a number of technologies that allow him to monitor the heart as it is functioning, and prescribe the appropriate treatment immediately. The same can be said for a doctor who needs to monitor the lung function of a patient. For a physician who is treating a patient suspected of kidney disease, the mission is more complex.  For despite all of the...

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No Bones About It: RoverTown Aims to Be the Big Dog in College Couponing

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Click here to listen to Jeffry Harrison’s 9/10/13 interview with Charlie Brennan on KMOX Radio/St. Louis  If you are the parent of a college student, or if you are a college student yourself, you know just how expensive the university experience can be.  When it comes to cost, sometimes it’s enough to make you want to cry out, “hey, throw me a bone here!” Enter RoverTown, a growing St. Louis startup that, in fact, incorporates the slogan, “throwin’ you bones” into its distinctive light blue dog bone logo and other literature.  The “bones” concept is prominently displayed all around the...

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Pushing Up and Working in the “Lab” with Jan and Dan

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Dan Lohman and Jan Andersen are two of the busiest guys within the St. Louis innovative startup movement. Their latest project is a company called Pushup social – it’s a technology that allows users to add a social network to an existing website in a matter of minutes. Suppose you run a website that caters to a very passionate community – say, a site that is dedicated to vintage, classic cars.   A traditional website is good, and of course a necessity these days, but think of how much better that website would be with a social networking component integrated into it:  a place where members...

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