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Helping Lawyers Predict the Future with Juristat

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Drew Winship is a St. Louis lawyer and entrepreneur who has developed Juristat, a tool that helps lawyers predict the future. Juristat collects decades of electronic court case data from state and federal court databases and transforms it into analytics. It provides a subscription-based product to litigators, general counsels, and insurance adjusters, allowing users to predict the future behavior of judges, juries, attorneys, and parties to a lawsuit. Call it “Moneyball” for lawyers. Winship spent over three years as a corporate trial attorney in the Midwest before co-founding...

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Keeping Close Hold of Your Social Media Content with Bonfyre.

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If you are among those people who would love to dip your toes into the waters of social media, but haven’t because of privacy concerns, Mark Sawyier believes he can help. Sawyier is CEO and Co-Founder of Bonfyre, which was created in May of 2011.  He appeared on KMOX Radio’s Charlie Brennan show on Tuesday, July 16.  Audio of the interview, part of the weekly Innovation Tuesdays segment on KMOX, can be heard here. Suppose you love posting photos of your dog on Facebook.  Your friends and family may love those pictures, but your business associates who connect with you?  Perhaps not so...

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Cutting the Clutter from Coupon Clipping with DealieDo

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One would think that in these uncertain economic times, more of us would be clipping coupons for use at the grocery store. But, believe it or not, we aren’t. According to marketing analysts,  the number of coupons used by consumers dropped 17 percent last year from the year before. It’s not that the American consumer has suddenly gotten richer or less frugal.  What’s more at play, say analysts, is that we’ve grown tired of the hassle of the coupon-clipping process:  the physical act of sifting through pages of advertisements, looking for a coupon that matters to you.  Getting coupons in the...

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Make Innovation and Entrepreneurship the Story in St. Louis

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The St. Louis Post Dispatch provided me a forum in July 2013 to express my view on the growing St. Louis Innovation/entrepreneurship movement.  Here is the text of the Op-ed piece. Here’s an experiment to keep you amused the next time you’re at Busch Stadium watching the Cardinals, or standing in line for that concrete at Ted Drewes. Reach out to the person sitting or standing next to you — make sure it’s a total stranger — and ask, “Hey, how about that innovative start-up movement we’re seeing in St. Louis?” If the response is a quizzical look, similar to the dog looking into the Victrola...

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