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Startup’s aim: to replace the remote

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Quick. Where’s your smart phone right now? Is it in your hand? On the desk next to you as you read this? In your pocket? Now, where’s your television remote control? At home, sure, but where? In your living room? On a table? Or stuck between the cushions of your couch or under a chair? The fact is, we love our smartphones so much, we’re practically tethered to them at all times. The relationship with our TV remote is very different, and entrepreneur Barnabas Helmy quite clearly is not a fan of the older technology. “I hate remotes. There is nothing about them I like,” says...

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A school emergency plan, in the palm of a hand

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Jim Spicuzza wasn’t necessarily looking to create a smarter way for schools to manage emergency situations. With more than fifteen years of experience in providing education related-software solutions for school districts, Spicuzza had become an established and successful provider of products such as online student registration systems, teacher evaluation tools and websites. But a tragedy prompted Spicuzza to redirect his energy. Hear Jim Spicuzza’s interview on KMOX Radio/St. Louis “In 2013, a school district in the Chicago area contacted us. It was just after Sandy Hook (the late...

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St. Louis entrepreneur offers a dose of comfort to baby

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St. Louis entrepreneur Dr. Agnes Scoville says she’s always had a flair for innovation – a bent for improvisation that was put to the test during a time of war, more than 6,000 miles from the city she now calls home. As a Navy doctor stationed along the border between Iraq and Kuwait, Scoville’s chief role was to administer aid to the U.S. Marines who took part in Operation Iraqi Freedom, the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, and its aftermath.  But she quickly realized there would be much more to her mission than simply helping the men and women of the U.S. armed forces. “We never knew just...

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