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Reducing Polling Place Lines the Goal of St. Louis Innovator Leiendecker

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Scott Leiendecker hates waiting in long lines.  Don’t we all?  But Leiendecker, a former City of St. Louis elections director, says there is a difference between waiting in a slow-to-no moving line at a theatre or grocery store, and waiting in line to cast your ballot at your polling place.   “When people have to wait in a long line at a polling place, that’s a deterrent to voting.  It could mean the difference between voting and not voting – just giving up and going home — and that’s not good for the democratic process.” So Leiendecker is doing something about it.  Welcome to his...

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Price Surfing Made Easier Via the SeaApp

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Walter Harrison and Chris Benningfield are huge online shoppers They also used to be frustrated online shoppers:  frustrated by web searches that returned a mish-mash of results that didn’t get them much closer to finding the products they were looking for based on their top shopping priority – price. You may have had the same experience.  You search dozens of shopping sites for hours and then go to where you THINK the best price is.  Harrison and Benningfield’s creation, The Sea App, (Sea stands for Search Engine App) compares hundreds of shopping sites and shows you the best prices at the...

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New Initiative Links Startups and St. Louis Companies Via the Arts

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InnoVox STL is pleased to announce a new initiative called InnoVox Connect – a program that will allow the entrepreneurs behind some of St. Louis’ brightest up-and-coming startups the opportunity to network with some of St. Louis’ top corporate executives, while at the same time gaining exposure to, and a better understanding of, many of our area’s top arts organizations. Starting tonight, June 21, nine St. Louis arts organizations will make available to area startup companies a limited number of complimentary tickets to attend their highest profile 2013 and 2014 events.  Because these...

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Events Run Better, Cheaper, Faster & Greener: the Goal of BusyEvent

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The founders of St. Louis startup BusyEvent, Brian Slawin and David Schenberg, are self-described, seasoned “events” guys. You don’t work in the trade show industry for a combined 40 years — as they have — designing, building and managing tradeshow programs and technology products for dozens of clients without seeing a few things that leave you scratching your head and looking for a “better way”.  Things like long and unnecessary registration lines, participants aimlessly wandering the halls looking for breakout sessions, and what Schenberg calls, “adult trick-or-treating”, the...

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Re-Classifying the Classifieds with adFreeq

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If you are a regular reader of a hard copy newspaper you know you are one of a dwindling number.  An increasing number of news consumers get their news, sports and features online, and it’s the same story for that longtime staple of the newspaper – the classified ad.  With local classifieds – and their revenue – moving online, it’s not hard to see why many newspapers are struggling.   Entrepreneur Peter Meng believes he’s found a solution – a way for newspapers to make money through online classifieds.   The founder of the St. Louis startup company AdFreeq, Meng appeared on KMOX...

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