Computerized License Plates? Here’s PROOF

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Click, then scroll to bottom to hear Rachel Hankerson’s 5/6/2014 interview with KMOX Radio’s Charlie Brennan If you remember your grade school mathematics, you’ll recall that the product of two negatives is a positive. So you might say St. Louis innovator Rachel Hankerson is simply carrying out a principle of math with the founding of her company International PROOF Systems. Negative number one for Hankerson came in 1994.  As a 21-year-old student commuting between her native St. Louis and Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, she found herself on the...

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All the Essentials about St. Louis Food Data Startup Food Essentials

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They are the entrepreneurs behind a St. Louis-based startup that turned a negative into a positive, and catapulted it into a business that’s helping make more sense out of what we purchase at the grocery store. The innovators behind FoodEssentials, now based in downtown St. Louis, began their journey about a decade ago, when the father of two of the company’s founders experienced heart health issues.  Because of that,  brothers Dagan and Anton Xavier needed to help their father find heart-healthy groceries. So, the Xavier brothers, living in Australia at the time, began the painstaking task...

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