How We’re Different

What Makes InnoVox STL different?

Here’s what we’re NOT:  InnoVox STL is NOT a public relations firm.  We are much, much more.

We don’t simply advocate for a cause or movement by working with local and national media, although they are part of the mix.  We literally immerse the issues we advocate into several strata of potential key stakeholders:  through Media (traditional and social), among Educators, Elected Leaders, Community Leaders, Corporations and Potential Investors.  We help move the needle in a positive direction every day.  There is no down time.  We’re on it every day.

We are a non-profit.  Non-profit status allows us to take on worthwhile civic causes such as advocacy of the St. Louis Innovation Movement and to help the cause by generating funding from a variety of sources – from charitable foundations; from the sponsorship, ad and charitable buckets of corporations; from civic organizations; and from individuals.

And our board of directors is not made up of figureheads.   Our board is a creative, innovative and entrepreneurial group with a desire to St. Louis grow and prosper through the local innovative entrepreneurial movement.

If this immersive approach to outreach interests you, let’s talk!


Jim Bafaro
Founder and CEO
InnoVox STL