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St. Louis Business Journal Features InnoVox STL

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When someone approaches us with some free publicity, we’ll take it!  So it was in early March of 2013 when reporter Amir Kurtovic from the St. Louis Business Journal approached us to do an interview and feature story on InnoVox STL.  The result was a 30 minute discussion and an article which appears here

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Meet The Innovators Behind the Chaheati…..

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Every innovator has his or her “moment” – that time when the light went on, when they discovered they were truly, “on to something.” For ReAnna and Kyle Smith of Columbia, Illinois, that moment came on a cold November night in 2007, at an outdoor party.  “We were at a bonfire,” recalls ReAnna, “and I was freezing.  My husband knew I was uncomfortable and he said, ‘go buy a heated chair.'” Easier said than done, for after an exhaustive search on the Internet, the Smith’s realized there was, in fact, no such thing. A subsequent...

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Here We Go! Innovation Reports on KMOX Radio

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At InnoVox STL, we are committed to creating greater awareness of the St. Louis Innovative Entrepreneurism scene. The innovators and the entrepreneurs in our community know the movement is alive and kicking. But do others? If you were to walk into the neighborhood grocery store and ask St. Louisans to name the ten things that define us, would “innovation” or “entrepreneurism” be on this list? Probably not. Folks like Amir Kurtovic of the St. Louis Business Journal, and the staff at The St. Louis Beacon, are doing a great job of getting us to that level of awareness. On Tuesday, March 12, we...

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