If you have landed on this page, you either did so accidentally, (quite possible!) or you (more likely 🙂 ) came here looking specifically for the wonderful content that was the product of InnovoxSTL during its short but glorious history!

Either way, feel free to click on the “Past Stories” link below and take a peek at the stories we wrote on some of the St. Louis area’s most interesting startup companies. For more than three years, InnovoxSTL was the link between mainstream St. Louis media and the local innovation and entrepreneurship movement. Our regular Tuesday morning sessions, in which we brought an interesting new company to KMOX Radio’s Charlie Brennan Show, were a critical success, as were the weekly tandem articles we wrote for the St. Louis Business Journal Techflash edition.

But alas, before we were able to create the third leg of our plan – a regular local TV feature on innovative local companies – opportunity took us elsewhere.

It was a great ride – and gave us the chance to meet and hang out with some very talented and driven people. It was a real pleasure.

Who knows, someday we may be back in business. Till then, have a great day!

Jim Bafaro

Past Stories