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St. Louis-made app helping NCAA athletes connect with communities

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For a person whose background includes athletic competition at the collegiate level, a desire to succeed in business, a passion for education and an interest in community service, Krista Clement has landed in what might be described as her “perfect place.” The Michigan native, who played basketball at the University of Michigan, graduated from there and later earned a master’s degree from St. Louis University, is the founder of Helper Helper, a St. Louis-based app/website that currently is helping college athletic departments connect their student athletes with volunteer opportunities in...

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St. Louis technology may hold key to locking “deflate-gate”

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Could technology built in St. Louis bring a solution to “deflate-gate”, the controversy in which the National Football League’s New England Patriots are accused of tampering with the footballs used in an American Conference Championship game? Officials with Primary Marking Systems Inc., a St. Louis-based provider of product-tracking equipment for companies and law enforcement groups around the globe, believe so. Primary Marking’s vice president of sales and marketing Tim McIntyre says he’s hoping eTWIST®, a high-tech tool his company has developed to help law enforcement officials track...

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Workshop helps find funding for St. Louis startups

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When he counsels budding entreprenuers on the ins and outs of raising money for their startup companies, Dr. Jerome Katz often mentions what he calls the “3F’s.” Friends, family and “folk.” “Most entrepreneurs start with money from their 3F’s,” says Katz, the director and founder of the St. Louis University-affiliated Billiken Angels Network, which invests in startup companies. “Particularly when you are looking at students, their parents are often the first people to pony up some money. But these days you also will see many young adults getting their friends to put money in....

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Six questions about CoderGirl

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It’s no secret that today’s computing workforce is dominated by men. The St. Louis-based organization LaunchCode wants to change that. LaunchCode, a non-profit group working to deepen the pool of computer programming talent in St. Louis, has itself launched CoderGirl, an all-women’s computer coding initiative. This year’s program (the initial program was held last year) began Wednesday, January 14 and will continue Wednesday, January 21 from 6pm until 8pm at the Cortex Innovation Community office at 4240 Duncan Avenue in mid-town St. Louis. The group will meet weekly after that, at the...

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St. Louis startup brings a third dimension to gift giving

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Ask almost anyone who works in a manufacturing environment and they will tell you the development of the 3D printer has been a godsend. For the uninitiated, 3D printing is essentially the process of making three-dimensional solid objects from digital designs, and as 3D printers have become less expensive, faster and easier to use, manufacturers such as aerospace companies, auto companies and even medical supply firms have come to depend upon 3D printing technology to build complex parts, prototypes, even customized prosthetics. Click here to hear Abram Whitehead and Matt Cushman  of Think A...

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