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An app to keep visitors in the know, wherever they go

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Over the past ten years, Ellen Prinzi’s career has taken her to several U.S. cities. Since her graduation from the University of Kentucky in 2006, Prinzi has held positions with Major League Baseball teams in San Francisco and New York, and from 2008-2010, in St. Louis, where she was coordinator of Baseball Operations for the St. Louis Cardinals. One could consider Prinzi to be a bit of an expert when it comes to learning a new town, and in the amount of effort it takes to find fun, interesting things to do that fit one’s lifestyle when in that town. Lessening that burden is the goal of Olio...

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Entrepreneur’s clothing line a good fit for Midwest

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At the age of 27, Jimmy Sansone describes himself as a lifetime entrepreneur, a guy who’s always taken pride in the clothes he’s worn, and an unabashed cheerleader for the Midwest. It’s only natural, he says, that those attributes have co-mingled to form the basis of his new company – The Normal Brand, which designs and produces a clothing line aimed at Midwestern consumers. Of his entrepreneurial bent, Sansone, the son of Jim Sansone, one of the principals of the large St. Louis real estate firm the Sansone Group, notes, “from a very young age I was encouraged by my parents to start...

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Startup uses attractive technology to fight blood clots

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Remember when you discovered the mystery of the magnet? Who among us, as a kid, wasn’t fascinated by the way you could use one magnet to move another across a table without the two ever touching? Or, perhaps you were the owner of a “Wooly Willy”, that toy that allowed you to position metal shavings onto a cartoon face by use of a magnetic “magic wand”. Magnets, of course, have a much higher purpose than just fun: they’re used in computer screens and credit cards, and among other disciplines, in chemistry and medicine. And it’s with a medical purpose in mind that a St. Louis startup has...

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