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Meet Kristin Edmonds, St. Louis Innovator and Creator of Verbal Volley

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Kristin Edmonds is a speech pathologist who provides motivational services and products to help her clients improve their language, their voice and their speech.  She’s also an innovator and entrepreneur who calls St. Louis her home. Kristin is the founder of Mindfull Games:  a company that produces fun vocabulary games that help improve literacy.  Kristin’s idea for Mindfull Games began years ago, when she was working at a rehabilitation hospital in Boston.  It was there that she discovered that using games to treat speech and language disorders in children was highly effective.  Since...

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Jerry Schlichter Details Big Week for Arch Grants Hopefuls

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This week — April 25th/26th/27th and 28th – is a big week for a group of budding entrepreneurs whose businesses could become cornerstones of a new St. Louis economy. Individuals representing 40 startup companies – some from St. Louis, others from out of town — will gather downtown.  Their companies are the finalists in the 2013 Arch Grants competition.  Arch Grants is a program that, this year, will provide 50 thousand dollar grants to each of 20 innovative startup companies that are in St. Louis, or are willing to relocate here.   More than 700 budding startups applied for Arch...

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Meet Talia Goldfarb, St. Louis Innovator and Creator of Myselfbelts

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Talia Goldfarb of St. Louis was a social worker who never dreamed her life would change dramatically based on a simple, but necessary invention. In the process of potty training her young son Jake, she noticed the toddler was having a hard time keeping his pants up.  She quickly determined one issue was his belt:  a traditional belt is impossible to fasten for a toddler.  She figured that, surely, there must be a more child-friendly belt – perhaps one that fastens via a Velcro-like substance.  When an Internet search turned up nothing, she and her sister went about the business of inventing...

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Accelerate Website, Iler Brands Highlight April 9 KMOX Innovation Segment

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The growing St. Louis Innovation Movement again was in the spotlight April 9 on KMOX Radio’s Innovation Tuesday segments on the Charlie Brennan Show.  Leading off were Marilyn Gannon, President of Innovate St Louis and Ed Bryant, a Vice President with the St. Louis County Economic Council.  Their subject:  the Accelerate St. Louis website, which was officially launched on April 9.  Ed and Marilyn discussed the website’s formation and goals, and they discussed the growing St Louis Entrepreneurial Innovation movement.  Ed and Marilyn were followed up by Scott Iler, President of Iler Brands,...

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ClickWithMeNow on KMOX Radio

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If you follow the St. Louis Innovative Entrepreneurism scene closely, you know that the team at ClickWithMeNow recently has gained what could be called “rock star” status.  The mainstream press has begun to highlight ClickWithMeNow’s achievements, and that’s a great thing.   The publicity continued on April 2 when co-founder Brian Handrigan and Mike Behr appeared featured on KMOX Radio’s Innovation Tuesday’s segment.  You can listen to the full interview here. If you know the ClickWithMeNow story, you probably are familiar with one of its applications.  ...

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