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Weekend Gives Innovators Chance to Hit the “Start” Button

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Hear Jay DeLong of the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Drew Winship of Juristat discuss Startup Weekend on KMOX Radio on Oct 29                  See 2013 St. Louis Startup Weekend organizer Matt Menietti’s appearance on KTRS Radio from 10/31/2013 here See Matt Menietti and Drew Winship discuss Startup Weekend on KSDK November 4 St. Louis is in the midst of a startup explosion.  Dozens of entrepreneurs who have come up with unique and innovative products or services are taking those ideas and using them as the foundation for new companies. How do you know if your idea is a good one? ...

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A High-tech Twist in Protecting Crime Scene Evidence

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Tim McIntyre has lost count of the number times news stories with the term, “missing evidence” have crossed his desk. It happens all the time, says McIntyre, and all across the country:  crime scene evidence is lost, misplaced, destroyed, or otherwise compromised because most police departments rely on a longstanding method of collecting evidence – gathering it by hand at the scene of the crime,  then transporting it back to the station for cataloging.  It’s a system that’s almost begging for trouble, says McIntyre, who notes this system of “double processing” is time consuming,...

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What If Old MacDonald Had a Drone?

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Click to hear Rory Paul of Volt Aerial Robotics discuss with KMOX’s Charlie Brennan the use of drones for farmers. After clicking, scroll to bottom of page. If you keep up with the news, chances are good that you’ve seen or heard the stories about aerial drones.  The chances are even better that those stories have focused on the use of drones in a police surveillance or military context, and have included concerns voiced by humanitarian groups or privacy advocates. Rory Paul of St. Louis wants to direct the conversation elsewhere:  primarily, to the use of aerial drones in a way that...

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Using Your Graematter to Navigate the Regulatory Process

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Click here to hear Melissa Walker’s interview on KMOX Innovation Tuesdays segment with Charlie Brennan on 10/8/2013   Melissa Walker admits she has a passion for data, and a flair for managing it. As a college biology instructor in Texas in the 1980’s, Walker found it a challenge to track all of the data surrounding the daily performance and test results of her 300 students, so she created a computer program to help manage the information. Later, she built a successful, 27-year career at companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb and Stereotaxis, helping bring new...

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St. Louis Startup is a Manufacturing Matchmaker

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Hear Manufacturers’ Inventory co-founder Brian Kohlberg’s interview with KMOX Radio’s Charlie Brennan aired 10/1/2013 here.  Scroll to appropriate link after clicking.    In a warehouse at a large manufacturing company in St. Louis, Harry sits at his desk and contemplates how he will dispose of dozens of boxes of new, unused and no longer needed electrical components. Nearly 2,000 miles away in San Diego, Sally, a purchasing agent for a small west coast manufacturer, is in need of those same electrical parts, but knows her budget won’t allow her to purchase the...

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