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Visiolog’s Vision Addresses Childhood Eye Disorders

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Click here to hear Charlie Brennan of KMOX Radio in St. Louis discuss Visiolog with Paul Gamble in a July 1, 2014 interview   At some point, Paul Gamble might have to make a decision. Will the 25-year-old Washington University medical student pursue his dream of becoming a doctor?   Or will he continue down the path of innovative entrepreneurship, after the progress he has made in creating a new medical device startup company that targets early detection of eye disorders in children? “That’s something I think about often.  I love medicine, but I’m very interested in business and...

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Bats A Winner: Entrepreneur Turns Love of Baseball into Business

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Click to hear Todd Eschman’s June 24 discussion with KMOX Radio’s Charlie Brennan If you’re among those who believe we’re an amalgam of the experiences of our ancestors – blended together with our own passions — then you’ll have no trouble divining the roots of Todd Eschman’s Southern Illinois startup company Old Dutch Classic Bats.  To wit: –Eschman’s grandfather and great uncle founded a lumber yard in Belleville and were adept at wood turning. –His father was an engineer. –Eschman himself harbors a deep affinity for the rich history of baseball. Swirl...

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greetabl® Has St. Louis, Missouri Written All Over It.

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Click here to hear KMOX Radio’s Charlie Brennan June 17, 2014 interview with Joe Fischer and Zoë Scharf Click here to see Joe and Zoë’s  June 26, 2014 appearance on KTRS Radio’s morning show   You might say St. Louis startup company greetabl® owes its early success, in a roundabout way, to St. Louis-born actor Jon Hamm. The year was 2011, and greetabl® founder Joe Fischer, who was working in the finance industry in New York but had decided to move back to his native Missouri, was recovering from shoulder surgery and was, as Fischer puts it, “watching ‘Mad Men’ episodes...

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Facial Recognition Providing First Line of Defense in St. Louis

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Click here to hear Joe Spiess’ June 3 interview with KMOX Radio’s Charlie Brennan.   A pilot program that has brought facial recognition technology to the Carnahan Courthouse in downtown St. Louis began paying dividends within a few days of its installation. The system’s designers say a man who had threatened a judge at the courthouse was, in March, detected through the use of the First Line facial recognition system, which was installed by Blue Line Security Solutions of St. Louis in February.  The man was allowed into the building, but only while being escorted and...

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