What Innovation Movement?

The quote immediately above comes from a vice president of marketing at a major local corporation, at a fact-gathering meeting with me on January 9.  The interviewee is a veteran marketing executive educated at the Wharton School of Business who possesses a keen interest in Entrepreneurism and Innovation.  Yet he was unaware of the Movement, as are many other untapped potential supporters and funders of the Movement.

“The need to communicate in the region what is going on”

Based on my hundreds of hours of research, it is clear that while great strides are being made in bringing the various players in the local Entrepreneurism & Innovation movement together to communicate with each other, there lacks a cohesive plan to communicate the overall Movement to St. Louis in general.  Who is championing the St. Louis Movement in the boardrooms of our local corporations, to state and federal legislators, in our classrooms, to local and national media, and to St. Louisans themselves?  Who is linking all of the stakeholders to the Movement itself, rather than to its individual initiatives?