Here’s what St. Louis entrepreneurs are saying about the opportunities and outreach created for them by InnoVox STL:

“The owner of a chain of grocery stores in Southern Illinois heard me on your interview. About two weeks later he was meeting with the regional head of RDS (with whom I’ve formed a business relationship) and mentioned he heard us on the radio and wanted to know what RDS thought of our system. I set up a meeting and made a demonstration and he agreed to install DealieDo in his stores. We are getting the installation ready now. All because of one 7-minute interview that you coordinated!!! Thank you!!!!” – Rob Rose, Dealido

“Before I returned to the office we received an inquiry directly from the KMOX spot – that was awesome! We have not closed the deal but we are getting closer. Had several more calls related to the spot over the last couple of months.” – Tim McIntyre, eTwist.

“Immediately following our appearance on KMOX Radio, we had dozens of e-mails and SMS messages congratulating us.  One of those messages came from a very large event production company in St. Louis who wanted to engage us. Through a series of additional efforts, we are now in a long term contract with that company.  So, directly springing from our participation/exposure, we were invited to work with this company and are now growing that relationship.” — Brian Slawin, BusyEvent

“We received several inbound leads thanks to the KMOX Radio appearance from InnoVox.  RoverTown was able to present to the St. Louis Cardinals thanks to the InnoVox Connect pitch event.  We were able to meet the Cardinals’ staff and now are proud to call the Cardinals one of RoverTown’s clients.  Additionally, we were invited to attend 2014 St. Louis Arts Awards event thanks to InnoVox Connect.  We were able to meet Dave Steward of World Wide Technologies from the event and have built a relationship with him.” – Jeffry Harrison, Rovertown

“A local investor we had been talking to for about 5-months happened to hear the KMOX appearance live and sent me a note saying I sounded good and we should re-connect sometime soon.  He is now an investor in our company, the positive PR he happened to stumble upon let him know we were still hear and going strong, which led to him re-engaging.” — Tom Cohen, Nanopore

“In the weeks prior to my appearance on the KMOX , my website was averaging roughly 20 sessions a day.  On the day of appearance, it spiked to 209 sessions. This spike resulted in 6 transactions (tickets sold) on our website.   Also, as a result of the KMOX appearance, I received another marketing opportunity to be on Fox2news (directly attributable to the KMOX appearance). – Pete Manzo, EAT STL

“After the radio interview, I received an email from someone at National Information Solutions Cooperative about a potential partnership.  Without the radio interview, NISC would not have initiated the conversation that soon. Also, several people signed up for our newsletter in the days following the KMOX interview and Business Journal article.” –Ty Benefiel, Metergenius

“Lumate and I have definitely benefited from the InnoVox Connect event with a local arts organization. Many connections to leaders in organizations from the St. Louis area have developed out of this event and have helped me further my network of connections.” – Quentin Ortega, Lumate

“The exposure we received from KMOX/ STL Biz Journal was vital in helping us to establish our name and business recognition in the greater STL area.  Your piece greatly aided our recruiting efforts as many job candidates reached out to us after hearing the KMOX piece.” – Trip Goodloe, GirlsAskGuys