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If you follow the St. Louis Innovative Entrepreneurism scene closely, you know that the team at ClickWithMeNow recently has gained what could be called “rock star” status.  The mainstream press has begun to highlight ClickWithMeNow’s achievements, and that’s a great thing.   The publicity continued on April 2 when co-founder Brian Handrigan and Mike Behr appeared featured on KMOX Radio’s Innovation Tuesday’s segment.  You can listen to the full interview here.

If you know the ClickWithMeNow story, you probably are familiar with one of its applications.   You likely have heard the virtual screen sharing service positioned as a great way to help those less computer savvy of your friends and family navigate a webpage with your help of the co-browsing service.

But my visit to the ClickWithMeNow offices in far west St. Louis County last week opened my eyes to many other potential applications.   Are you a Cardinal Baseball fan?  Imagine getting together several of your friends who want to take a road trip to Chicago to watch the Redbirds take on the Cubs.  Visualize a service whereby all of those friends can look at the same website at the same time – from different locations — and examine seating location options at Wrigley Field, then come to a consensus and make a selection.

Suppose you finally want to purchase that big screen TV you’ve dreamed of, but you really aren’t a techno person.  But your buddy Bob in Denver is, so, with ClickWithMeNow, Bob can look over your shoulder as you select the right TV for you from an electronics store website, with out the high pressure from a salesperson.

Does the complexity of the Affordable Health Care law scare you?   Welcome to the club.  And welcome to ClickWithMeNow, and its ability to allow you to bring a subject matter expert, or at least another set of eyes, to your computer to look over your shoulder.

ClickWithMeNow is another great example of a good idea that is producing big things in the St. Louis Innovative Entrepreneurial movement!


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