Meet Talia Goldfarb, St. Louis Innovator and Creator of Myselfbelts

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Talia Goldfarb of St. Louis was a social worker who never dreamed her life would change dramatically based on a simple, but necessary invention.

In the process of potty training her young son Jake, she noticed the toddler was having a hard time keeping his pants up.  She quickly determined one issue was his belt:  a traditional belt is impossible to fasten for a toddler.  She figured that, surely, there must be a more child-friendly belt – perhaps one that fastens via a Velcro-like substance.  When an Internet search turned up nothing, she and her sister went about the business of inventing the MyselfBelt.  She and sister Danielle Eason launched their company in September of 2004.  MyselfBelts feature a one-handed patented belt closure, which allows the wearer to open and close their belt easily with only one hand.  These are great for children with learning disabilities that want to feel a little more independent, as well as young children learning how to dress themselves.   Another version of the MyselfBelt is a boon to adults who may have lost the use of one hand.   Talia appeared on the April 16th edition of Innovation Tuesdays on KMOX Radio’s Charlie Brennan Show.  Hear it here….



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