Here We Go! Innovation Reports on KMOX Radio

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At InnoVox STL, we are committed to creating greater awareness of the St. Louis Innovative Entrepreneurism scene. The innovators and the entrepreneurs in our community know the movement is alive and kicking. But do others? If you were to walk into the neighborhood grocery store and ask St. Louisans to name the ten things that define us, would “innovation” or “entrepreneurism” be on this list? Probably not.

Folks like Amir Kurtovic of the St. Louis Business Journal, and the staff at The St. Louis Beacon, are doing a great job of getting us to that level of awareness.

On Tuesday, March 12, we took another step forward the world of media awareness, with the start of Innovator Tuesday segments on KMOX Radio’s Charlie Brennan Show.   The inaugural show featured me, Matt Kulig of Aisle 411, and Charlie (the three folks you saw pictured in the preceding screen)

To hear the segment, click here.

Each and every Tuesday morning, Charlie will highlight the entrepreneurial startups that are changing the face and the image of St. Louis. It may be a company that has developed a high-tech solution to a problem, or is meeting a consumer demand. The segment may focus on some of the fascinating entrepreneurial efforts currently going on in the St. Louis biotech space. In all cases, I’m confident listeners will be saying, at some point in the segment, “what a great idea!” And the best part of all – all of the companies that will be featured are local, St. Louis startups.

It’s only fitting that this initiative begins on KMOX – a pioneer in the talk radio format more than 50 years ago. And Charlie Brennan’s civic-minded approach to his program is also a natural for these segments.

So, give us a listen on Tuesday mornings. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

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