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Every innovator has his or her “moment” – that time when the light went on, when they discovered they were truly, “on to something.”

For ReAnna and Kyle Smith of Columbia, Illinois, that moment came on a cold November night in 2007, at an outdoor party.  “We were at a bonfire,” recalls ReAnna, “and I was freezing.  My husband knew I was uncomfortable and he said, ‘go buy a heated chair.'”

Easier said than done, for after an exhaustive search on the Internet, the Smith’s realized there was, in fact, no such thing.

A subsequent patent search and marketing research confirmed the lack of such a heated chair, and reaffirmed the need.

And thus was born the Chaheati.

Six years and 14-hundred sales later, the company’s doing well.

ReAnna and Kyle appeared on the March 19 edition of Innovation Tuesday on KMOX Radio’s Charlie Brennan Show.

To hear the full interview with ReAnna and Kyle, click here.

Innovation Tuesday is the radio segment that brings the St. Louis innovative entrepreneurial movement to a mainstream audience.  Each and every Tuesday morning, Charlie will highlight the entrepreneurial startups that are changing the face and the image of St. Louis. It may be a company that has developed a high-tech solution to a problem, or is meeting a consumer demand. The segment may focus on some of the fascinating entrepreneurial efforts currently going on in the St. Louis biotech space. In all cases, we’re confident listeners will be saying, at some point in the segment, “what a great idea!” And the best part of all – all of the companies that will be featured are local, St. Louis startups.

It’s only fitting that this initiative begins on KMOX – a pioneer in the talk radio format more than 50 years ago. And Charlie Brennan’s civic-minded approach to his program is also a natural for these segments.

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