Price Surfing Made Easier Via the SeaApp

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Walter Harrison and Chris Benningfield are huge online shoppers

They also used to be frustrated online shoppers:  frustrated by web searches that returned a mish-mash of results that didn’t get them much closer to finding the products they were looking for based on their top shopping priority – price.

You may have had the same experience.  You search dozens of shopping sites for hours and then go to where you THINK the best price is.  Harrison and Benningfield’s creation, The Sea App, (Sea stands for Search Engine App) compares hundreds of shopping sites and shows you the best prices at the best stores in seconds.  In these tough economic times, it’s crucial to find new ways to save money.  One of the top ways to save money is to find lower prices for the things you are looking for. The SeaApp helps you do just that.

The product is designed to be user-friendly:  simply type in the item you are searching for into your favorite shopping site or search engine.  The sea app then goes to work, showing you the best prices online.

Suppose you are interested in purchasing a Honda lawnmower.  Like many of us, you probably would launch say, a Google search for the item, and up would pop a jumble of results.  But after a free download of SeaApp, the search would become more refined.  SeaApp works with the search engine to produce a more sophisticated set of returns, producing  a list of Honda mowers available at the least expensive price.  Harrison and Benningfield are working on improvements that would let customers customize their searches to an even greater extent.  Say “local” products are a priority for you.  Improvements in SeaApp will allow you to make your purchase based on whether the product was produced here or overseas.   Harrison was a guest on KMOX Radio’s Innovation Tuesday segment on June 25.  Listen here.  Innovation Tuesdays are facilitated by InnoVox STL, part of its mission to create greater mainstream awareness of the St. Louis Innovative Entrepreneurship movement.

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