EnviroPak is a Startup Success Story

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What happens when you start a business that shreds documents for customers, but leaves you with mounds and mounds of shredded paper?  You start another business.  St. Louis entrepreneur Chris Miget knew that shredded paper made great packing material.  But when he and his colleagues discovered that mixing that paper with water, then molding it and drying it produced really, really good packaging material, they founded EnviroPak.  Hear his story on Tuesday, April 22 at 10:50 am central time on KMOX Radio’s Charlie Brennan Show, and learn more about EnviroPak, below:

By William Kay, special to InnoVox STL

EnviroPAK is a start-up success story, but its best days lie ahead, and the finish line is nowhere in sight. Beginning in 1995, the company was founded by a team of entrepreneurs and engineers who saw an opportunity to provide world class packaging solutions that could be both cost efficient and environmentally friendly compared to industry alternatives such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) and other plastic packaging materials. A convergence of technology in product design, tool making, and pulp molding machine design made their vision possible. Today, the EnviroPAK brand alone has become synonymous with the material known as molded pulp.

EnviroPAK’s mission is to provide sustainable molded pulp packaging solutions to businesses that are cost-efficient, space-saving and environmentally friendly. EnviroPAK’s molded pulp can reduce costs by as much as 70% when compared to other packaging materials. Since their molded pulp is made from 100% recycled newspaper, the cost for raw materials have been very stable for years giving customers needed peace of mind when planning for the future.

EnviroPAK is proud to recycle 20 tons of newspaper per day and 4500 tons per year in the creation of its packaging material. Their commitment to the environment has provided companies around the U.S. an opportunity to share in that important value.

Its central U.S. location in St. Louis, Missouri allows easy access to EnviroPAK’s production of protective molded pulp packaging for electronics, computer, medical and telecommunication markets. Its pulp can be used for the interior protection of a wide range of products including custom applications for trays, clamshells and end caps. Packaging can be designed, engineered, tooled and manufactured in-house; offering their customers a turnkey supplier and enabling EnviroPAK to go from concept to production as quick as anyone in the industry.

EnviroPAK’s award-winning in-house design team has been recognized for their packaging including an Institute of Packaging Professionals AmeriStar Gold Award and a Technology and Innovation Award from the St. Louis Economic Council. Operating out of two facilities with a total of 125,000 sq. feet, EnviroPAK offers the highest quality molded pulp products aimed at delivering world class sustainable packaging solutions for some of America’s top companies through its valued distributors’ network.

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