Catering to It’s Customers: And Saving Them Time

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If you’ve ever had to coordinate catering for events, or if you’ve ever needed food ordered quickly online, and especially if you have done it consistently, you understand that valuable time is wasted calling potential caterers for availability, prices, and delivery details, etc.  A real pain, right?

Time to Cater fixes this problem by providing a web-based platform and mobile app that helps companies and individuals coordinate their ideal catered event.  Clients need only to submit their event details and budget to the web application and then show up for the event.  Time to Cater takes care of everything in between.

Time to Cater makes its money by charging a fee to and/or making a commission from the caterers in its Preferred Caterer Network.   Listen to Ed Spinaio founder, tell the Time to Cater story on KMOX Radio’s Innovation Tuesday segment, facilitated by InnoVox STL.




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