BidRazor: Shaving Time from the Construction Bid Process

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The subject matter of the Tuesday August 6th innovative entrepreneur segment on KMOX Radio’s Charlie Brennan Show should resonate with anyone who has had construction work done on their home.    Did you want to add a deck to your house?  Or remodel your kitchen?   It’s likely you know all about the hassles that come with a project like that.  Everyone tells you to go out and find at least three contractors to give you estimates.  When you do, those estimates often come back to you in all forms, and all over the place.  One may come in on Quickbooks, itemized, but with no detail.  One may come in a word document that is descriptive but lacks data regarding specific costs.  One may come in on a piece of yellow legal paper – not long on cost specifics or detail!

Mike Pulley aims to change that with BidRazor – a tool that will help consumers get a better handle on this confusing process and give them a clear choice.  BidRazor is a web app contractors can use to streamline the bidding process. The tool allows contractors to standardize their approach to preparing a quote, and gives both homeowners and lenders the satisfaction of considering quotes that are transparent, and offer tremendous detail for all parties.   Mike Pulley talked about his problem-solving startup BidRazor on KMOX Radio’s Charlie Brennan Show on August 6.  Listen to the interview here!

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